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Travel Cover For Crisis Zones

A new product has been designed to offer travel insurance to individuals or groups going from the UK, EEA and overseas dependent territories on business or leisure to areas that are deemed to be high risk. The ‘high-risk’ status is as defined by government advisories and which [...]

The Cost Of Falling Ill Abroad

The staggering potential cost of needing emergency medical treatment abroad is highlighted in a new report. While the average travel insurance claim is just over £700, emergency medical and repatriation costs when overseas can be much higher. This is according to a report by the Association of [...]

Travel Cover Launched For ‘Anywhere’

Based on a familiar UK model of travel insurance, a new plan has been devised for expats and the internationally mobile. The new plan, GlobalVoyager, is being promoted as the world’s first flexible comprehensive ‘UK style’ international travel insurance.  It is aimed at individuals, families and groups [...]

Employers In Saudi Arabia To Provide Health Cover…Or Else

Employers in Saudi Arabia who do not provide health insurance to employees and their dependents may be banned from recruitment permanently, Al-Madinah Arabic daily has reported.  The Council of Cooperative Health Insurance (CCHI) has formed an inspection committee with the Ministry of Labor and Social Development to [...]

Britons Moving Abroad Failing On Healthcare

Only 42 per cent of expats-to-be secure healthcare provision before they move abroad, meaning nearly six-in-ten expats-to-be are not prepared for the big move.  Many would-be expats are ignoring the potential consequences of failing to prepare, despite the fact that over 80 per cent of respondents to [...]

Expats To Pay For NHS Treatment

Non-UK residents, like many expats, who need healthcare while in England are now being charged differently for using the NHS. The way the NHS charges visitors to the UK has been changed so that it does not lose out on income from non-residents, who should all pay for [...]

Going To Dubai? You Must Have Medical Cover

Over the past decade, Dubai has become internationally recognised as among the best in the world for its healthcare facilities. But as with many good things in life, it comes at a cost and something that few people can afford to fund out of their own pockets. [...]

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