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Expathealthcare.com is a resource you can use to find out all about health care and insurance cover for expats, what you need to know and where to find assistance.

On our site you will find explanations of the main reasons you may need to consider taking out a policy to cover you in case you fall ill or are injured while abroad. Bear in mind that in most parts of the world you will not be able to access medical treatment unless you pay upfront.

We also explore the different types and levels of cover you may need to suit your individual circumstances.

This information is provided independently by the experienced teams at expatnetwork.com.

Latest News

Travel Cover For Crisis Zones

A new product has been designed to offer travel insurance to individuals or groups going from the UK, EEA and overseas dependent territories on business or leisure [...]

The Cost Of Falling Ill Abroad

The staggering potential cost of needing emergency medical treatment abroad is highlighted in a new report. While the average travel insurance claim is just over £700, emergency [...]

Travel Cover Launched For ‘Anywhere’

Based on a familiar UK model of travel insurance, a new plan has been devised for expats and the internationally mobile. The new plan, GlobalVoyager, is being [...]

Employers In Saudi Arabia To Provide Health Cover…Or Else

Employers in Saudi Arabia who do not provide health insurance to employees and their dependents may be banned from recruitment permanently, Al-Madinah Arabic daily has reported.  The [...]

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